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Whether you love or hate it, you can write better!

Master the essentials commercial and creative writers tell me they need most.

This 26-week, 26-topic writing series, brings you a new focus each week, providing concise, reliable “how to” instruction from me. As a commercial writing professional, speaker, author of several books, and contributor to websites and book compilations, I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned through my training and years of experience.

Sent via email, “Writing SPREE” is time-saving and convenient. No googling, sorting, searching, or frustration to find what you need. It’s right here, right now! You’re going to love it, even if you don’t love writing.

Sent to you one topic at a time, it is not overwhelming. You will enjoy the variety, and trust the professionalism, of this valuable writing and marketing resource. 

Providing writing help when you need it! 

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If you LOVE to write, this helps you keep going… 

  • Expand and improve writing skills; have fun while you do it.
  • Gain confidence and create new professional opportunities.
  • Stimulate writing strengths and weaknesses. Recognize both! 
  • Communicate words clearly, market effectively.
  • Enjoy writing and marketing, online and offline!
  • Appreciate why your writing always has value!

If you HATE to write, you are not alone. Help is here! “Writing SPREE” will:

  • Bring relief to your frustration and intimidation.
  • End embarrassment and bolster confidence.
  • Answer the questions you may not know to ask. 
  • Practice in privacy; learn at your own pace.
  • Master goals with easily understood examples, step-by-step.  
  • Spark personal desire and ability to write better.
  • Discover the writer within you. You may grow to love it!                         

It simply makes sense!                                        

Judy Dippel’s valuable instruction and Ryan Franklin’s visible inspiration are combined to provide what Judy knows her writing clients need most. They are people just like you.   

 A quick glimpse at the first 12 weeks, “A” through “L”

A – Write Enticing Articles that STAND OUT!           
B – Build a Bigger Business Presence
C – Crazy about Social Media, OR NOT?
D – Discover Terrific Topics, Overcome Writer’s Block
E – Editing and Revision Tips You Will Love
F – Fabulous Digital Photo Books
G – Get in the Ghostwriting Groove
H – How to Manage Your Writing Life
I  – I Can Be a Writer and Speaker
J  – Journaling Mood: Purpose, Passion… and a Resource
K – Killers of Writing Creativity and Confidence
L – Love to Write? Six Ways to Know that You Do

 … followed by topics “M” through “Z” 

“It is a privilege for me to include Ryan Franklin’s incredible photos within each week’s topic. Ryan shares his passion, the fun and frustration of his photographic achievements, which adds to the learning, excitement and pleasure of learning as you receive “Writing SPREE” each week. He provides visible inspiration to get creative juices flowing. His photos certainly help me!”  Judy

Week One: “Write Enticing Articles – STAND OUT! ” Photo by Ryan Franklin, Steins Pillar

Judy and Ryan are making this easy to access at  and economical. The complete 26-week series of lessons is no more than buying a weekly coffee, $78.00 for all 26 weeks or only $5/week for individual weeks.  

Purchase for you, your work team, your writing group, or as a unique and ongoing gift.

We make it simple, you write it smart!

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