“People don’t listen to what we write, or what we say, unless our words make an emotional and intellectual connection. It’s as simple as that. ” —Judy Dippel

KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – Put Yourself in Their Shoes

I strive to help my clients understand that written words, about themselves or their company, are the next best thing to speaking face-to-face. If you could speak to each customer/client personally, what would you say? It’s important to strategically think about, because specifics about your target audience are essential for creating professional, quality materials.

I find, frequently, when creating key points for business materials, owners want to show and tell about “who they are” and “what they do.” Of course, that is at the very core of marketing. But first, before writing drafts or making presentations, it is vital to put yourself in their shoes, and understand their perspective. First, ask yourself, “Who is my target audience?”

Do you really know enough about them to convince them that they need what you have to offer? Think about it. If not, learn more by assessing your target audience with the following 10 questions. Keep these in mind, so that your materials resonate, emotionally and intellectually.

Whether writing business materials, genres of nonfiction or fiction, or when making a presentation, these questions work. Once you’ve answered them, you will feel better equipped to powerfully provide your audience what they need and want. Whether writing or speaking, they add direction to what you say and how you say it. Best of all, these simplify getting it done and getting it right!

  1. What does your audience anticipate when they read or hear about you or your company?
  2. What do they want to know? Need to know? Why do they care?
  3. Are they able to choose to read about, or listen to you, or is it a requirement of their job?
  4. What is the size of your distribution list, or audience to whom you are speaking?
  5. What are the demographics? Age, gender, education, interests?
  6. How does their culture or religious beliefs, influence interest in you or your company?
  7. What terminology and writing level will be best received?
  8. Who are they? (For example, my freelance commercial audience is business owners, managers, public relations staff and employees. Graphic designers and marketing teams. Literally, anyone whose work involves writing. I create materials that speak to writing skill and “how to,” not to a specific age or education.)
  9. What do you imagine they feel when reading or listening to what you have to say? (Excited, wary, curious, tired, relieved, nervous, grateful or hostile?
  10. Are there preconceived ideas, negative or positive current events, common life experiences or circumstances, that will influence how your audience
    will respond to what you have to say?

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