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We All Have a Story to Tell...

We all have a story to tell—with many chapters. My story and yours, and each chapter experienced, have moments of joy and moments of pain.

That's all the more reason to join me here—my goal is to share how we can live life learning from all of our experiences, whether we relish them or resist them. Every step has a nugget of learning to take to heart—when we look for it.

Sometimes is just easier than others to find those nuggets

Join me, as I candidly chat about life moments that I've experienced. They matter, because every single moment totals up our life. Like yours, the moments add into hours, and hours turn into days. Remember, today will never happen again, so let's make the most of it—together!

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”


Living Life

As an author and speaker, I have a passion to share with you and other women, how to not only survive, but thrive as you (and I) cope with daily life and the universal, real-life challenges. Life isn't always easy, that's for sure! I'm frank and transparent, so let's talk and share—together, we learn and grow, as we are reminded we aren't alone…

Living Life
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Writting life

Writing Life

You may like to write, or you may not, but professional and personal writing is a necessity, especially with online marketing becoming mainstream marketing! However you feel about writing, Judy Dippel will help minimize your stress and maximize the effectiveness of words (written or spoken) about you, your company, services, and products. Hire a professional writer with JLD Writes.

Speaking Tips to Make You a Professional

Speaking Tips to Make You a Professional

Judy Dippel’s Checklist of Advice for Speaking Growth and Preparation...

Writing Spree, A to Z

You can write well, even if you don't love to write!

You are taking an important and uncomplicated step towards improving your writing and marketing skills for professional and personal writing projects. "How to write it" is literally at your fingertips. Whatever your writing needs, this series will help you achieve it. We make it simple, so you can write it smart! We're confident you will find each week's topic satisfying and useful.

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