Article on overcoming writer’s block



“ If you write often, or aspire to write the next best novel, you become extremely aware of the reality that there is literally a story in everything, whether nonfiction or fiction. But it takes experience and a creative craving to start seeing the world spread with endless seeds that are waiting to grow into a story, article or book.

Some of you know what I mean, because you already have a topic that is passionate and consuming. You’ve been writing about it for years, and it’s still not done—yet you get sparks of creativity from the oddest things, and at the most inconvenient times and places. It has to be written or recorded immediately, or it is gone. Like me, you’ve written notes on napkins, receipts, paper plates, your hand, even a wedding or funeral program. It’s just the way it is— thoughts suddenly ignite, and the words flow. There is no stopping them. Thank goodness!

The same is true for any creative art form. Ryan’s gifted eye for photography keeps him close to his camera. Whether written, spoken, photographed, painted … whatever, discovering and creating from a topic we are passionate about is a thrilling high none of us want to miss.”