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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Unless you know you're a skilled writer, I encourage you not to do it. I offer you an objective opinion, trained and experienced writing and marketing direction, giving you the time to focus on what you do best. The right words, aimed at your target audience, are a long-term investment in business success.

Writing projects, from small to large—most any type of work involving words! I can start from scratch or revise and develop what you already have written. Plus, I offer guidance with company marketing. It develops as we work together on your goals for clear, concise written content.

I can team with your graphic designer, marketing manager, SEO technical advisor or refer you to those I work with on a regular basis.

Content and copywriting for websites, blogs, promotional materials, newsletters, articles, ghostwriting, presentations, bios, eulogies, proposals, columns, press releases, taglines, letters, etc.

Integrity and Creativity, Dependability, and Accountability.
I listen to you! I get the writing project done when you don't have time—or when you just don't want to! You will have time to focus on other essential aspects of business, and also have more time for your life away from the office.

Confidence, Commitment, and Experience.
Professional attitude and actions. Marketing copy/content is a theme-driven call to action that is relevant to your audience—appealing to what they need while making it clear what you do for them. With your target audience always in mind, written content will complement your company graphics, branding, and marketability or spur you on to create those.

Accurate and Detailed.
When needed, writing includes research, discussions and training, organization, and format. The final copy is proofed, then proofed again!

Flexibility and Frequent Communication.
I can do as much or as little as you need—project-to-project. My goal is to be a writer that you can trust and depend upon, giving you the opportunity to increase productivity and reach a broader audience. I welcome suggestions and/or feedback on a project.

Innovative, curious, and intentional.
I provide fresh ideas and objective opinions to bring your message to life and expand your client base. I view your business from the consumer's perspective, providing written words that are the next best thing to talking with you personally.

I want you to be you!
It's important to be authentic. I tell your company story in your tone, always striving to reflect your voice, style, and industry language.

I take time to get to know you, your business, and your style. Often the first draft is close to the mark, but I include two revisions and don't allow the writer's ego to be a problem. I have a responsibility to offer sound advice but must also be willing to let go of a well-written piece if a client wants it written differently.

Absolutely. In fact, I will have an introductory meeting, in person, on the phone, or through Zoom to learn more about what you need and if I'm the right fit. If so, I will give you a quote, by hours or by the project. Also, we will discuss your timeline, the writing process, and the completion date. A contractual agreement is signed.

I honor my quote unless a client asks for more than we first agreed upon. Then together, we will discuss if the additional work is within the initial budget or if there will be an increase. I communicate openly, so we both understand the costs and are in agreement.