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Join me in forging a few new habits that help eliminate old struggles or ongoing frustrations. I’ve found the smallest changes have a huge impact.

Dump negative self-talk, replace it with real truth_._ You are good enough. You won’t please everybody. Avoid reacting to negativity around you as you take control of yourself. Remember this: You DO have choices, and I encourage you to take responsibility for them, and live them out.

The very slightest shift in daily choices creates changes that soon become healthy new habits that free you (and me) from burdens. Take control of the things that are priorities for you—_live what you value_. This conscious action evolves into a totally better attitude about how you view each day, which in-turn, brings greater peace when you lay your head on your pillow each night. Remembering to live and put into action what we each value—keeps us grounded, confident and true to ourselves.

Below, are some new habits that help me, and can help you, too. Try one, or try them all. Print them, post them where you can see them, and pass them on to friends who need encouragement. Even the most subtle changes in the way you think, and what you choose to do, make it a _happier _year, and definitely a more peaceful, contented you.

Worry vs. Problem Solving: How can you tell

  • which *

you are doing?

Ask yourself if you can influence, control, or create change in the situation. If you can, then start taking your chosen action tomorrow. If your influence or action is impossible, then it is worry and a total waste of time. Let it go, divert your thoughts. Learn to tell which it is, and _choos_e to act accordingly. Do it for you!

Eliminate the Need to Compete!

Trust yourself; again, know your values; your priorities. Your life, your kids, your career, your marriage, your activities—they don’t need to look like or keep up with your friends. Choose not to compete, or use your kids to complete, to make yourself feel better.

*Obligations or Commitments: Ask yourself, “Does this energize or drain me?” “Who will care or remember tomorrow?” *

Measure your decision with those two questions, then ask yourself, who will remember you were or weren’t there after 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 weeks? Will your presence truly make an important difference to anyone or contribute to something you care about? Sometimes, (but not always) it’s simply our pride, or a lack of boundaries and inability to say “no.”

*Can’t Decide Between Two Things? *

Flip a coin. Choose heads or tails. While in the air, which do you inwardly hope it will be? That is your true answer.

Resentment that Consumes Your Head and Heart

Do the opposite—strive to let go of the hold bitterness, anger, disappointment and other toxic emotions have on you. Commit to asking this question when those emotions threaten to take over. What do I have to be grateful for today? Like my granddaughter who always “blooms where she’s planted” says to me, “What was your favorite thing today, Grandma?” What was yours? Thank God for it, and feel greater appreciation as you fall asleep each night. Sweet dreams!

Information, Stimulation Overload

Carve out at least one evening each week. Turn it off, tune it out. Cell phones: none of us are that important. TV’s: DVR it for tomorrow. Social Media… whatever! Shut it down. Commit to experience what quiet feels like, (you may have forgotten). Enjoy simple pleasures: read a book, totally focus on you and/or your relationships—play board games, take a walk, simply let it all go! Laugh and love. Feel the relief as you allow space for new daily experiences.

Accept Your Circumstances, Seek and Trust God

There are incredible challenges all around in our world, and many are beyond what I can imagine coping with; and I don’t pretend to know how your life feels. But the only choice for each of us is to walk forward one-day-at-a-time, knowing you (and God) can make it. Appreciate your stamina, and your ability to face it with courage and faith. Easier times are ahead.

It’s equally hard and healing, but you can do it!