“C” Crazy About Social Media

“C” Crazy About Social Media

Let me guess!  You have a love/hate relationship with social media, and how to use it effectively for legitimate marketing purposes for your business. It’s true! It is a bit of an enigma for most of us, partially due to the constant changes within social media sites.

Though statistics can easily be tracked, as the clock ticks on, the time you spend perusing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin (and the list of sites goes on) can make you crazy. Wondering if you are being left behind can add to daily stress at work. You may ask yourself. “Am I missing the best marketing deal online?”  On the flip side, “Are social media sites a waste of my time, or are they really informing my audience and bringing in new business?”

The social media topic is immense and ever-changing. Fortunately, for business and marketing intentions, the essentials I’ve identified for social marketing start with “C.” These cover as much as any of us can handle in one sitting without going crazy! My brief list provides groundwork for social media goals.

IT IS DONE through relevant written, audio, video, and photo content. All of these media types “show and tell” your business story, build relationships, exhibit the latest and greatest… and breed success.

Find out about the ELEVEN PRIORITIES listed in this week’s lesson. Rate your effectiveness on the social media sites that you are now using.