“B” Business Presence

“B” Business Presence

Nature has a magnificent way of simplifying what we humans often find baffling and difficult. And building a strong business presence can seem exactly that… confusing and complex!

There can be swirling confusion, rabbit trails this way and that, an inability to grasp and identify your company or writer’s vision, mission, and goals. As professionals, we need a foundation of materials that propel us towards business success, fulfilled dreams, and passions.

That being said, Ryan’s “Mourning Dove” can teach all of us a thing or two. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this week’s topic, read Ryan’s narrative about the photo. Ask yourself, “Does this dove have any confusion, difficulties, loss of focus, or lack of purpose?”

For the mourning doves, the mission, goals and intended outcomes are clear and definite. The peace and satisfaction are evident. The “presence” is unmistakable. This photo of commitment and contentment, along with Ryan’s narrative of hearing about the synchronized teamwork and intention, is one to embed in your mind. This week is about the need and necessity of a business plan, vision, mission and goals. These lead you forward to creating a business presence that will provide lasting impressions on your target audience. With business essentials in place, you will have a greater sense of unity, purpose, teamwork, and organization.

Check out the essentials needed to build a bigger “nest.” What have you done? What needs to be done? It is a process to create a professional business presence in your community and online. Persevere and don’t get discouraged. You can build success. Most of us accept that all worthwhile outcomes take time. Like the mourning doves, the biggest payoff hasn’t arrived for them either! There are a succession of events and necessary work to be done to reach the ultimate outcome. The foundation and nest have to be built first!

As I’m writing this, I’m quite sure building a business, ongoing projects, and meetings will never feel quite as purposeful and peaceful as the peek Ryan has given us into this nest. But perhaps the secure vision of this stunning bird will help you seek the very best. Don’t settle for less!