“I will never claim to know it all or have it all together. Writing, speaking and marketing require a willingness to adapt to change, teamwork, and a desire to learn from one another!” Judy

Judy Dippel, of JLD Writes, is a freelance commercial writer, author and speaker, with a broad base of career experience which enables her to more fully relate to commercial clients. Whether a client needs content for written projects, or for speeches and presentations, Judy has experience in both. Earlier in her career she worked in fields of medicine, education, international adoption and corporate America.

As a freelance commercial writer and marketing consultant Judy     offers fresh ideas and objective perspective. Clients receive quality words plus marketing expertise, which helps set goals in motion, while enhancing vision and potential. She enjoys providing well-written copy that brings greater exposure, new opportunity and furthers a client’s success.

She says, “It’s extremely rewarding for me to see a client’s relief when I’m able to clarify what they want to say, pull it all together for them, and reach their target audience with information about who they are, what they do and why their company exists.”

Judy is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Eugene, Oregon. As a nonfiction author, she is a frequent speaker, and a member of several national speaker organizations listed online. She networks with a variety of other skilled professionals if you need referrals for any of your other business needs.

Judy has a passion to teach about the “ins and outs” of business entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, one-on-one or to groups. As an author of several nonfiction inspirational books and countless articles for women, she is passionate about sharing with women how to survive and thrive amid life’s common challenges. She inspires others to take a frank look at real problems and real solutions, while realizing greater satisfaction, peace and joy along the way.

Married since 1970, she is a mother of two, a baby boomer grandmother of three grandchildren, and gram to three grand-dogs, and a lifelong Oregonian. Judy lives in Eugene, Oregon—she enjoys family and friends, hiking, rafting, outdoor activities, college sports (OSU) and travel.

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