Judy Dippel

Meet Judy Dippel

Judy Dippel, of JLD Writes, is a reliable and experienced writing professional who knows how essential it is for you personally, and for your business image and success, to be able to communicate well with written words. Today, online marketing is mainstream marketing—and accurate, informative content engages audiences and educates consumers—words "showcase" you—and are the next best thing to meeting you in person.

She knows it is challenging to find a trusted writer. If you don't like to write but know it's necessary for marketing, don't let it overwhelm you; contact Judy. Her expertise is in helping clients feel comfortable to ask questions, as she coaches them about writing. She will work with you to discover and create compelling content that distinctly reflects who you are, what you do, and how and why you do it.

Judy says, "Whether you are in business or you are a first-time author, words are so exciting, and the good news is that written words speak for you, even while you sleep! Trust me; I pull it all together for you to ease your load, increase your productivity, enhance your vision, and effectively speak to your target audience!"

As a freelance writer and editor, and author and speaker, Judy has a broad base of career experience which enables her to write content for a variety of clients from all types of industries. Ongoing learning, right along with her clients, is one of the exciting aspects of her work.

Her projects as a content development editor and/or ghost-writer for nonfiction book clients is an area that she considers a privilege. Judy says, "Too many new authors get scammed with expensive contracts and empty promises. Unfortunately, they just don't know, so my commitment is to educate book clients about what they should expect from an editor (oftentimes, that editor is me, but not always), along with offering guidance about the ins and outs of the ever-changing publishing industry."

Most of all, Judy listens to what you need! She brainstorms with you, so that your message can "be brilliant"—as she offers fresh ideas and objective perspectives. She is committed to efficiently collaborate with you to pull all of your content goals together, to increase your productivity, enhance your vision, and effectively speak to your target audience.

Judy frequently says, "It's extremely rewarding for me to see a client's relief when I'm able to clarify what they want to say and pull it all together for them. I love it!"

Judy's personal writing passion is to encourage women how to grow and adapt in all of their life roles. She is passionate about speaking to women one-on-one or in groups. As an author of several nonfiction inspirational books, and countless articles for women, she speaks to them about how to not only survive, but to thrive amid life's universal challenges. She inspires women to take a frank look at their problems and offers faith-based, practical solutions to experience greater satisfaction, peace, and joy along the way.