“A” Articles That Stand Out

“A” Articles That Stand Out


You are taking an important and uncomplicated step towards improving your writing and marketing skills, for professional and personal writing projects. “How to write it,” is literally at your fingertips. Whatever your writing need, this series will help you achieve it. We make it simple, so you can write it smart! We’re confident you will find each week’s topic satisfying and useful.

As each week unfolds, my goal is to supplement what you already know with a multitude of valuable writing skills and marketing strategies. This is my ongoing commitment to you. Timesaving, relevant and economical, I’m certain the variety offered in this 26‐week writing series will generate greater confidence, propel your skills to higher levels, and bring welcome relief to the challenges you face in your writing projects at work or at home.

Commit time and effort to read and practice what is available to you in the upcoming weeks. In the long run, it will save you time, and the results will be immediate. This series is your learning tool. It instructs and inspires—you learn privately, at your own pace and space. Print out each week’s section, or file it electronically for easy access.

Take a few minutes to read over each week’s topic, come back to it as needed. I guarantee it will help you. You may not need article writing “how to” this week, but next week you might! Stick it out—A to Z. There’s so much to learn and Ryan Franklin’s photography to inspire, enjoy, and see!

Ryan’s remarkable photos enhance each week’s theme. The beauty, and the story of how he captured each photo, compounds the enjoyment of this series. Ryan’s photos bring “color and life” to the writing concepts, along with my instructional format that is straight-­forward and easy to understand and apply.