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"Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything that they do not make more clear."
— Joseph Joubert 1754—1824

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In my wheelhouse — I write content for business clients in a variety of industries and professions. As a freelance writer for hire, I write content for websites, and online and offline promotional materials. Most anything that involves words is my passion.

BEGIN! "Live your dream. Write your book manuscript. No writing is ever wasted, but as you grow as a writer, you learn that successful book writing is a collaborative process. Contact me for a quote for developmental writing and editing.

I specialize in content development, critique, and substantive editing with nonfiction book clients. Trusted publishing advice."

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JLD Writes


Judy Dippel is a professional author who relates to you and the hurdles life presents. She has a passion to share with women how to not only survive life's many challenges, but how to grow because of being forced to face them. Through her own life experiences, she knows women become more confident and content as they share with each other how to walk through the more common, expected challenges—as well as when they must cope with grueling, unexpected and unwelcome trials or tragedy. Frank and compassionate, friendly and transparent, she easily connects with women. Judy's faith and reliance on God is the foundation of her life and her inspirational work, and the source of wisdom and endurance that she shares with others.

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Postpartum Depression
You are not the only one! Need help? Get the facts.
Judy's story brings you relief...


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