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Postpartum Depression.
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Bizarre, misunderstood and scary—U.S. Center for Disease Control reports that between one and two women among ten will experience the dark and disturbing symptoms of postpartum depression and/or a perinatal mood disorder. These conditions can occur during pregnancy, after birth, or after nursing ceases. Many women suffer through it not knowing what it is. They need the facts. They need to know they are not the only one to feel this way. This much-needed book helps supply a first step toward wellness.


Eugene, OR May 1, 2017:  Author and speaker, Judy Dippel has released her latest book, Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression: Walk Toward Wellness with Real Facts, Real Stories and Real God. It is now available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon (FREE to Kindle Unlimited Members). Click Here for book 

Bizarre and misunderstood, postpartum depression can strip the joy from what should be the happiest time in a woman’s life. Women feel totally alone. They don’t have a clue what’s wrong. The harsh reality is that it feels like being in the fog of an unexplained emotional nightmare, of which a woman cannot shake herself free. Isolated and uninformed, this strange condition leaves women feeling unstable, maybe even crazy. The message of this book is a welcome life preserver of hope and help that can be hard to find, because women don’t know where to turn. The clinical facts and statistics bring immediate relief. “No, I’m not the only one.”—because most often they think no one else has ever experienced this.

This book brings good news and is a great relief to women and those who love them!  They aren’t a bad mom. It’s not their fault and they will recover and they can and do get well. No, it won’t last forever. But they need to be told the truth and this book helps them face this condition for what it is. Clinical postpartum depression and/or accompanying perinatal mood disorders cause intense suffering and distress among (USA Centers for Disease Control reports) 11-20% of new mothers. Feelings of shame and embarrassment cause women to isolate themselves, but by acknowledging the facts, hearing other women’s stories, proper medical care, and the unconditional love and guidance found in God, women have the help, encouragement and hope to break the dark grip of postpartum depression.

They can walk toward wellness, mentally and physically, emotionally and spiritually in what is a dark and disturbing time. The truth within this book dispels myths, and is combined with God’s guiding words for the heart and soul, to bring peace amidst the feelings of inner chaos. Examples from other women’s stories reveal how it feels. And author Judy Dippel is a woman who experienced it firsthand, and she transparently shares parts of her story. The sound consulting advice of therapists who specialize in PPD is interwoven throughout this book.

This book is an important message for anyone who is pregnant, or suffering in a maze of confusing thoughts and symptoms after the birth of their baby. It’s for the husbands, mothers and friends who love and care for them; reading this helps friends and family relay to their loved one what other women have experienced. Real facts, real strategies to move toward wellness. The beauty of the truth helps women shed their fears and phobias to better help themselves, have renewed hope, or maybe even break the grip before it takes hold!

Judy Dippel wants readers to understand that postpartum depression is totally different and more serious than the “baby blues” that 80 percent of women commonly experience. PPD and the perinatal mood disorders that sometimes accompany it overcome new mothers without warning. Unrecognized and untreated, this can last for months and years, as they suffer through it without greater awareness or professional care. It can be devastating. Sadly, many do go untreated, left feeling inadequate and unstable. Not knowing what is wrong, they ask themselves, “Is it normal?” “Is this how I am supposed to feel?” This book is an important tool for preventative care, education and awareness, and sound strategies. If women are prepared, they can more readily face it for what it is. If they are already struggling this book comes alongside them with practical tips of what they can do to help themselves right now.

Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression also helps women walk toward wellness by suggesting other trusted outside resources when further help is needed. See this book on Click Here for book . By June 15, 2017 through major U.S. distributors that  supply it, it can be ordered at local bookstores. Bulk quantities of a minimum 10 copies or more can be purchased and mailed to you directly at a discounted price, by contacting: – or Olivia, Publicity Assistant at: Judy welcomes you to contact by email or through her website to invite her to speak at your meeting, workshop, or as a keynote at your event.

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