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Postpartum Depression.
Helping women not to be alone in the dark.

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Bizarre, misunderstood and scary—U.S. Center for Disease Control reports that between one and two women among ten will experience the dark and disturbing symptoms of postpartum depression and/or a perinatal mood disorder. These conditions can occur during pregnancy, after birth, or after nursing ceases. Many women suffer through it not knowing what it is. They need the facts. They need to know they are not the only one to feel this way. This much-needed book helps supply a first step toward wellness.


Eugene, OR May 1, 2017:  Author and speaker, Judy Dippel has released her latest book, Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression: Walk Toward Wellness with Real Facts, Real Stories and Real God. It is now available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon (FREE to Kindle Unlimited Members). Click Here for book 

Bizarre and misunderstood, postpartum depression can strip the joy from what should be the happiest time in a woman’s life. Women feel totally alone. They don’t have a clue what’s wrong. The harsh reality is that it feels like being in the fog of an unexplained emotional nightmare, of which a woman cannot shake herself free. Isolated and uninformed, this strange condition leaves women feeling unstable, maybe even crazy. The message of this book is a welcome life preserver of hope and help that can be hard to find, because women don’t know where to turn. The clinical facts and statistics bring immediate relief. “No, I’m not the only one.”—because most often they think no one else has ever experienced this.

This book brings good news and is a great relief to women and those who love them!  They aren’t a bad mom. It’s not their fault and they will recover and they can and do get well. No, it won’t last forever. But they need to be told the truth and this book helps them face this condition for what it is. Clinical postpartum depression and/or accompanying perinatal mood disorders cause intense suffering and distress among (USA Centers for Disease Control reports) 11-20% of new mothers. Feelings of shame and embarrassment cause women to isolate themselves, but by acknowledging the facts, hearing other women’s stories, proper medical care, and the unconditional love and guidance found in God, women have the help, encouragement and hope to break the dark grip of postpartum depression.

They can walk toward wellness, mentally and physically, emotionally and spiritually in what is a dark and disturbing time. The truth within this book dispels myths, and is combined with God’s guiding words for the heart and soul, to bring peace amidst the feelings of inner chaos. Examples from other women’s stories reveal how it feels. And author Judy Dippel is a woman who experienced it firsthand, and she transparently shares parts of her story. The sound consulting advice of therapists who specialize in PPD is interwoven throughout this book.

This book is an important message for anyone who is pregnant, or suffering in a maze of confusing thoughts and symptoms after the birth of their baby. It’s for the husbands, mothers and friends who love and care for them; reading this helps friends and family relay to their loved one what other women have experienced. Real facts, real strategies to move toward wellness. The beauty of the truth helps women shed their fears and phobias to better help themselves, have renewed hope, or maybe even break the grip before it takes hold!

Judy Dippel wants readers to understand that postpartum depression is totally different and more serious than the “baby blues” that 80 percent of women commonly experience. PPD and the perinatal mood disorders that sometimes accompany it overcome new mothers without warning. Unrecognized and untreated, this can last for months and years, as they suffer through it without greater awareness or professional care. It can be devastating. Sadly, many do go untreated, left feeling inadequate and unstable. Not knowing what is wrong, they ask themselves, “Is it normal?” “Is this how I am supposed to feel?” This book is an important tool for preventative care, education and awareness, and sound strategies. If women are prepared, they can more readily face it for what it is. If they are already struggling this book comes alongside them with practical tips of what they can do to help themselves right now.

Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression also helps women walk toward wellness by suggesting other trusted outside resources when further help is needed. See this book on Click Here for book . By June 15, 2017 through major U.S. distributors that  supply it, it can be ordered at local bookstores. Bulk quantities of a minimum 10 copies or more can be purchased and mailed to you directly at a discounted price, by contacting: – or Olivia, Publicity Assistant at: Judy welcomes you to contact by email or through her website to invite her to speak at your meeting, workshop, or as a keynote at your event.

Download PDF: Press Release – Judy Dippel Book Release

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“Writing is only limited by the imagination within us and the reality around us. Consequently writing is unlimited!” ~ Judy Dippel

This is a writing truth whether you are writing for business or for pleasure. Use all of your senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Most of us have heard the phrase, “Bloom where you are planted.” An example of this is the gray, windy and rainy Oregon spring day in which I write this newsletter. It could be depressing, but within my imagination I envision the beauty of the rainbow that will glow at the end of the rain and the bright yellow crocus and daffodils that will soon be seen pushing upward, giving us the first signs of spring—rain or shine.

I live in Oregon, so I get real and ask myself, “What do I love about rain?” I love the sound of it tapping away on my kitchen skylight. I love the effervescent green it creates in the lawns and the vibrant color within the flowers it feeds. I don’t necessarily like the slugs and snails that also enjoy the rain, but that’s my reality.

Ask yourself what is news-worthy or a story-starter for fiction or nonfiction from my two paragraphs above. At first glance, I count 20, but there are many more, because it’s all about your imagination. You simply have to open your eyes to the world around you or envision in your minds-eye. If you do so, you will never be stumped with nothing to write. This is true for promoting your business, as well as for those of you who write for sheer pleasure.

Let’s talk how this influences a commercial newsletter. Many of my clients are companies who send out e-newsletters. You may be one. It’s distinctly different from direct marketing materials in style and even content, and because of this writing it can seem intimidating. You want to “show, not tell” even though you won’t be writing about rainbows and daffodils!

Generally speaking, a direct marketing piece primary purpose is to sell, whereas a newsletter is the next best thing to talking to you personally. Newsletters help to build trusted business relationships. They are written in a conversational style, with key points evident, like this:

To assure your e-newsletter is well received, consider the following:

Link back to your company mission and yearly goals as newsletter content is developed—   this will help your writing remain focused, balanced and consistent.
Selling is not your primary objective with an e-newsletter. Rather the purpose is to build relationship, allowing your audience to get to know what you do and why you do it.
As you write it, ask yourself what information you need to provide to your audience. How, and about what, will you educate and increase their knowledge? What expertise, service or product do you have that your audience needs?
And … remember show what you do and why you do it. Don’t forget to include basic information. Link to your website. Include where you are physically located and how customers/clients can best contact you.

For you CREATIVE WRITING BUFFS, “bloom where you are planted.” Open your eyes.


As you are reading this, where are you? Look around. What do you see that gets your creative juices flowing? Mine is my dog. She is on all-fours, tense as she stares nonstop at a squirrel who is taunting her from the tree outside my office window. This could be a great opening page for a children’s fiction story, or an interesting hook for nonfiction article about the dynamic between dogs and squirrels.

In the same way, to begin writing, use all of your senses. Here are a few from me as I sit in my office. Hear: The garbage truck just rumbled to a stop, dumping my garbage into their truck. What happens to my garbage from here is a great story-starter for fiction or tremendous content for nonfiction. Touch: Today in my office, an ant just crawled across my arm—we’ve been fighting them for months, yet I hate to kill them. Why is that? Smell: The smell of coffee makes me relax. What are some other smells that bring fond memories or help me to relax? Taste: The zinc tablet I’m sucking on is supposed to shorten a cold—true or false?

I think you get my point. We are never at a shortage for things to write about. Again, we are only limited by the imagination within us and the reality around us—write on!

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Writing is a Necessity


Leave your mark – draft – jot down – craft – record – engrave or scribble. Whatever you call it, writing is a necessity.

“Hi,” from Judy Dippel at JLD Writes.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to touch base with you once-a-month about writing. Thank you for opting in.

As promised “Write” News will offer help and direction for those who love to write, and explanations and suggestions for those who don’t. Either way, my goal is to provide you skills and ideas that can be applied, to make it feel less threatening.

I know that commercial writing for a business either leaves people feeling excited and creative, or it is dreaded, and sucks every bit of energy from you. You know who you are!

Whichever category you fall into, the following FOUR KEYS can give first drafts a kick-start.

Evoke immediate curiosity about your business in your written content/copy: Appeal to current trends and to the problems experienced by your target audience. Read the headlines and focus on what I have termed, “headline marketing.”

An example of this in my business as a freelance writer: “Is constant change in technology overwhelming you? This is all the more reason to have a strong online presence with written content that can be repurposed to social networking, articles, blogs, etc.”

The Key: Write about what solutions you have and how your business helps solve problems.

Balance credibility with personality: This is my philosophy with all my clients, no matter what type of business you’re in. In written content, let both shine: Credentials and experience, plus who you are as a real live person. People want to make an emotional connection.

Be professional, while being real and personable. Let the “About You” or your bio draw people in–make them look forward to meeting you.

My example: “Judy is a freelance commercial writer, with a background in fields of medicine and education. However, she says she’ll never have it all together, and looks forward to learning something new from every client. “

The Key: Be transparent and let potential customers/clients know something personal about you. Be authentic and professional. This builds relationship.
Be accessible. Have clear, concise written communication. If so, the same is most often true with your face-to-face communication with potential customers/clients. This builds trust.

Website, brochures, sell sheets, press releases, email and all company materials should have full contact information including: website and email address, phone and fax numbers, and a real company address, at least the city and state.

The Key: Not only about who are you, but where are you located? Are you easy to reach?

Don’t stay in a box. Continually flex and move with your target audience. Re-evaluate where your company needs to have written presence and/or advertising.  What is working for your company?  Ask yourself, what is working for similar businesses?

Variety could be a website give-away or contest, audio or video, online social networking, face-to-face networking, direct mail, brochures, coupons, etc.

The Key: Stay current, online and offline. Keep all written content accurate and fresh.

For you CREATIVE WRITING BUFFS, a few quick pointers:

Let the writing flow. Don’t worry about correct grammar and structure. That comes later. Simply write to your heart’s content.

Write what you know. Consider writing web or magazine articles rather than a book,     to accumulate clips. You will gain valuable writing and publishing knowledge and experience.

Stay on the go. Write something every day, even if it’s jotted on a napkin at a restaurant. Open your eyes to the creative writing ideas that are all around you, every day and in every way.

Don’t feel low. If people don’t encourage your writing, or you have received harsh editorial criticism, both are part of a writer’s reality. Simply persevere. Only you can stop your writing. So write because you love it, no matter what.